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Resources below are free to access & download. These can be used for classroom teaching as well as at home by parents.

We are currently adding more resources to the lists. Please suggest any edits using the link https://onesharedearth.com/feedback.


What is Climate Change?4+Global3 minAnimation explaining climate change for childrenAustralian Government
Our Climate Our Future9-18Most global, some US context40 min - also available as 11 short videos for easy watchingLearn about what is causing climate change and what you can do to stop itAlliance for Climate EducationEmail registration required
I'm only a kid, I can't do anything about climate change.... right?11-18Global7 minStories of kids making an impact on climate changeGlobal Weirding with Katharine Hayhoe
What If All The Ice Melted On Earth?10+Global6 minEstimating effects if all ice melted, ft. Bill NyeAsapSCIENCE
My Cheeseburger Footprint12+Most global, some US context3 minTracks the CO2 emitted from the production of a single cheeseburgerResources for Rethinking
Climate change: Earth's giant game of Tetris11-18Global3 minExplains climate change using the game of Tetris: The playing space is Earth, and all those pesky, stacking blocks represent CO2 TED-Ed
Climate Change in the Oceans11+Global3 minJust as there's too much CO2 in the atmosphere, there's too much in the oceans, too. What does that mean for the creatures who live there, as well as life on land?Planet Nutshell

Other resources on climate change

What is climate change?Global content.LowWeb pageNational Geographic Kids
What's climate change? And what can I do?Global content.LowWeb page, 2 handoutsClimate Reality Project
Climate change7-11Global content.Medium to high10 lessons, activities, worksheets, photographs, web linksDublin City University
Human impact of climate change7-11Global content. Provides links to UK curriculum.Medium to high6 lesson plans, 2 slide shows, activity sheets, approximate timingsOxfam
Human impact of climate change11-14Global content. Provides links to UK curriculum.Medium to high6 lesson plans, 2 slide shows, activity sheets, approximate timingsOxfam
Climate change8-9UK content. Provides links to UK curriculum.Low1 handout, activity ideasNational Geographic KidsEmail registration required
Climate science9-12Global content. Targets US upper elementary.MediumGames, activities, articlesNASA Climate Kids
Climate change8-14Global content. Targets US grades 3-8.Medium to high7 PDFs, 12 videos, activitiesNational Geographic
Climate change effects on wildlife8-11Global content. Classifies content by US grades.Medium7 lesson plans, images, activitiesClimate Classroom Kids
Climate and energy literacy8-24Global content. Classifies content by US grades.Low to high700+ resources, activities, videos, quizzes, etc.Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network
Climate changeSome global content, some US specific.Low to medium10 general plus more US states specific videos, discussion guides, worksheets, lesson plans (some US specific)Our Climate Our FutureEmail registration required
What tree should I plant?3-15Global content. Classifies content by US grades.LowUses i-Tree Species tool to select tree species best suited for your locationProject Learning Tree
Save energy at home3-15US specific content but can be applied globally. Classifies content by US grades.LowWeb pageProject Learning Tree
What's the value of that tree?3-15US/Canada content. Classifies content by US grades.LowUses i-Tree MyTree tool to give benefits of a tree in a given location, e.g. emissions avoidedProject Learning Tree
Climate changeGlobal content.MediumCollection of links to other resourcesKids Against Climate Change
Trash and climate changeGlobal content.LowActivitiesUS Environmental Protection Agency
Climate change word search5-11Global content. Provides links to UK/Ireland curriculum.LowActivityTwinklEmail registration required

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